Zac Shoyei Rogers (A.K.A. Shoyei) is an American music producer and songwriter specializing in chillout, downtempo, trap, and indie. Feeling limited by the textures of the guitar and piano in his mid-teens, he took a deep interest in electronic music production. 

In 2010, he took a chance to further develop his sound by moving from his beautiful home state of Washington to the solitude found on the island of Kauai. Along with a small community of other musicians, he made a break scoring the feature documentary Sex+Money: A National Search for Human Worth. 


Eventually finding himself in Lancaster, PA, Shoyei has since worked with many businesses and individuals to create music for advertisements, web videos, and background music. Being an advocate for the artistic community, he is often found working with fellow artists and bands to take their sound and songwriting to the next level. 

Today, Shoyei continues to partner with domestic, international, and inter-planar entities to pump out more tasty tracks.